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Gauteng Investment Centre Purpose

The aim of the GIC is to make it easier for investors to do business in Gauteng. The GIC offers a multitude of services to domestic and foreign investors. We provide a convenient and efficient service for local and foreign businesses whilst focusing on all aspects related to their development needs from various tiers and agencies of government in a convenient location. The establishment of the centre was in response to a call by the investment community to reduce the cost of doing business in Gauteng and simplify the procedural steps required to invest, but without compromising the policy objectives of the various agencies and entities.

As a one-stop shop, the centre coordinates inward and outbound investment promotion missions to fast track economic development. Gauteng remains a dynamic premier investment destination and the financial hub located in the global city region. The centre is managed by the Gauteng Growth and Development Agency (www.ggda.co.za).

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In Conversation with the Group CEO

Saki Zamxaka
Group Executive Officer(CEO)
  • Group Executive Officer ( CEO ) :The Gauteng Department of Economic Development has various agencies that all contribute to the maintenance of the province as South Africa's premier business and economic destination.
  • Investment Development Manager: Investors poured into low-volatility funds earlier this year in search of a smoother ride, but the trip has turned out to be too interesting for some.

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