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Business Retention

Business Retention

Provides Gauteng based companies with the following services:

Busines Retention

  • Support existing companies for expansion purposes
  • Identify challenges for retaining existing companies
  • Give relevant information for their expansion
  • assist in cutting the red tape
  • Facillitating Visa applications for sustainabillity
  • Facilitating Visa applications for sustainabillity

Thokozani Thwala – thokozanit@ggda.co.za | info@gautenginvest.co.za | +27110852342

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In Conversation with the Group CEO

Saki Zamxaka
Group Executive Officer(CEO)
  • Group Executive Officer ( CEO ) :The Gauteng Department of Economic Development has various agencies that all contribute to the maintenance of the province as South Africa's premier business and economic destination
  • Investment Development Manager: Investors poured into low-volatility funds earlier this year in search of a smoother ride, but the trip has turned out to be too interesting for some

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