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Research & Development

The aim of the GIC is to make it easier for investors to do business in Gauteng. GIC is set to offer a onestop business services centre that will offer domestic and foreign investors access to all the services they need from various tiers and agencies of government in a convenient location. to Business Registration, Permits and Licensing, Tax Services and Immigration.

   The centre would also undertake inward investment promotion missions, which would include hosting and coordinating inbound foreign and local   business delegations, as well as undertaking outbound missions .

  • Technology innovation Agency
  • Human science Research Council
  • Academic of Science of South Africa
  • South African National Space Agency
  • Council for Science and Industrial Research
  • Agency for Science and Technology Advancement
  • National Intellectual Property Management Office (NIPMO)
  • National Research Foundation
  • National Advisory Council on Innovation

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In Conversation with the Group CEO

Saki Zamxaka
Group Executive Officer(CEO)
  • Group Executive Officer ( CEO ) :The Gauteng Department of Economic Development has various agencies that all contribute to the maintenance of the province as South Africa's premier business and economic destination
  • Investment Development Manager: Investors poured into low-volatility funds earlier this year in search of a smoother ride, but the trip has turned out to be too interesting for some

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